The Football Association refers the events of the Monia Samannoud and Shabab Badawi match to the Disciplinary Committee


The committee managing the Football Association decided to refer the events of the Monia Samannoud and Shabab Bidawi match in the third section competition, the ninth group in Dakahlia, to the disciplinary committee of the federation, headed by Counselor Sayed Al-Bandari, to investigate the incident and issue penalties.

According to the official page of the Football Association, the matches between Electricity Talkha and Nabarouh, and the match between Monia Samannoud and Shabab Badawi, witnessed unfortunate events, after a quarrel between the players witnessed, and violent clashes erupted between the fans of the Electricity Talkha team and the fans of Nabroh after the end of the match.

And after an altercation occurred between the half of the match between Nabrouh’s technical director and a player from the electricity, and after the match the two parties clashed in the dressing room to increase the quarrels until it reached an exchange of punches between them on the field for a quarter of an hour, so that the security intervened to control the situation before it worsened.

The Electricity Talkha team defeated its guest Nabarouh with a goal without a response, which Karim Fakhry scored in the 12th minute of the first half, and because of the failure to release the referee of the match between Monia Samannoud and Shabab Badawi, his whistle was due to the objections of Badawi youth for not counting a penalty kick in their favor, and after the progress of Monia Samanoud 2/1 Monia Samannoud fans smashed the windows of the Badawi youth bus, injuring the general coach of the Shabab Badawi team.

The referee, Ahmed Lotfy and his crew, had come out because of Badawi’s objections to not counting a penalty kick in favor of the team, and he did not sound the final whistle in the protection of the police.



Injury-Trainer- (2)


Side-of-bus-smashing - (1)


Side-of-bus-smashing - (4)



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