The execution of the death sentence with an entire family in Egypt – website news – follow-ups


The Egyptian Prisons Authority of the Ministry of Interior, inside Burj Al Arab prison in Alexandria, executed 4 criminals from one family after they were all convicted of murdering a family member in order to rob him.

The security forces executed father Muhammad, 57 years old, a farmer and resident of the village of Palestine, Amiriya Police Department Department, and his sons each of Shaaban, 27, a driver, Hammouda, 31, a worker, and Ahmad, 30, for their murder of their fourth brother, Ramadan Farmer, for stealing, and the bodies were transferred to the Kom al-Dikka morgue. In preparation for handing over to their families for burial.

According to Al-Watan newspaper, the execution of the death penalty was carried out in the presence of the leaders of Burj Al Arab prison, a member of the Public Prosecution Office, a forensic doctor, and a representative of the Endowment.

The reasons for the incident indicate that the head of the Amiriya Police Department received a report stating that the body of an agricultural worker was found dumped in the water of the Lake Mariout Canal, in the area of ​​the Lift Station 3 in the Amiriya Police Department Department.

By moving, examining and inspecting, it was revealed that the body of Ramadan Muhammad Ramadan, an agricultural worker, was found in all his clothes, tied in hands and feet, and had bruises throughout the body. About the incident and its circumstances, and arresting the perpetrators.

The investigations found that the perpetrators of the incident, the victim’s father and his brothers, were all previously charged in several cases.

After the procedures were codified, the defendants were arrested and confronted with what the investigations resulted in they confessed to committing the incident, to seize an amount of money in his possession from the proceeds of selling vegetables.

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up and the Public Prosecution office was notified to initiate investigations, which decided to refer them to felonies and issued a death sentence by hanging.




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