The events of the series The Pit, Episode 26 Part IV, the Turkish Show TV channel, translated into Arabic


Followers of the Turkish series are waiting for the new episode of the series The hole, the twenty-sixth episode, within the framework of the fourth part of the series. The series is one of the most important Turkish series and has achieved great public success during the recent period. One of the most followed series in the Arab world and the Middle East.

The events of the series pit, episode 26, part IV

The series “The Pit, Season 4, Episode 26” revolves around the world of crime and gangs, while the series “The Pit, Season 4, Episode 26” has received a large audience’s attention and has become the most famous of its episodes. Works in Turkey. The Corona virus incident caused the suspension of many missions, not only episode 26 of the fourth season and the spread of the disease in all cities of Turkey, but also the officials of episode 26 of the fourth season were forced to stop, stop filming and end the episode directly.

Tens of millions of viewers are waiting for interesting, interesting, exciting and interesting things about the event with the series The Pit, episode 26, translated, so we will provide you with the link of the series The Pit, Episode 26, with subtitles, Turkish Show Channel. The series “The Cellar” (Episode 34) revolves around the most dangerous neighborhood in Istanbul under the control of the “Kosovoli” family, but drug trafficking is forbidden in this neighborhood. Yamash (Aras Bulut Enemli) is the youngest son of the “Koshovali” family, he left his neighbors and family and decided to travel far to start a new life. Yamash met a beautiful girl, he loved her and decided to marry her, he was surprised when his mother came to him and told him that he should return to the hole because she needed him and left his wife alone with his girlfriend, then he returned to the pit, then the adventures and intrigues began.


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