The Egyptian football is in danger .. Will the “Corona swabs” stop the activity?


The letter sent from Football Association Clubs to make the wipes 48 hours before the match and submit the results 24 hours before the match date, and in the event that the club does not commit to conducting analyzes in one of the approved laboratories and submitting the results, a fine will be imposed on each participating player without the aforementioned results of the analyzes of 10 thousand pounds and doubled accordingly.

The wipes issue started since the spread Corona Virus And the Football Association endured 48 hours before any official match in the league or cup that detected the virus, but the tripartite committee that was presented to the management of the Football Association headed by Ahmed Mujahid The clubs demanded that match surveys be made at their own expense and that the results be sent to the Football Association.

The African trio refuses

That command was rejected Egyptian clubs One saying, especially clubs Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, Who participate in Continental championships, Which obliges the CAF clubs to smear the teams 48 hours before participating in any match.

The crisis of the three teams, in particular, is confirmed by sports critic Ahmed Al-Sayed Al-Jabri, saying: “If they refuse to make swabs like the rest of the league clubs, it is possible for them to have swabs showing cases of infection before the African participation, and thus this will affect the African journey to obtain the title, and the loss of players in those The stage is very difficult. “

Al-Jabri continued in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “the Egyptian League clubs have every right to refuse to make swabs, because the five-year committee of the former Football Association headed by Amr Al-Ganayni confirmed that they would carry out analyzes for the Corona virus at their expense after having funds from FIFA that were allocated.” So”.

The sports critic asked: “How can there be an agreement with the previous FIFA administration, which is changed at this time of the sports season, besides that the majority of all clubs have huge financial crises and were unable to provide the players’ dues.”

Zamalek calls for setting up an appropriate mechanism

The committee in charge of managing Zamalek club issued a statement after the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association decided to suspend medical swabs for detecting Corona virus for Premier League clubs.

The Zamalek club statement reads: “With reference to the reports received and related to the tripartite committee in charge of the management of the Egyptian Football Association to suspend medical swabs for the detection of the Corona virus for clubs participating in the Premier League championship and the clubs bear the costs of conducting these swabs with their knowledge before matches, the management of the Zamalek club addresses the responsible authorities to intervene To keep all game elements in shadow Corona pandemic“.

Zamalek club warned during its statement, “of bad consequences as a result of the decision of the committee in charge of managing the Football Association in light of the absence of controls for the standards of these swabs, as was previously followed, which puts all clubs (even those committed to conducting the swabs) under the weight of injury as a result of contact with clubs not committed to conducting swabs. “.

The White Castle statement said: “The Football Association’s administration bears the process of organizing the competition and from its responsibility to preserve the elements of the game, the Zamalek administration calls for the Football Association, in coordination with the Ministry of Sports, to find a mechanism to control the process of swabs in the competition to preserve the safety of all players, and the committee also stresses the need to consider Taking into account the association of a number of Egyptian clubs with African participations, and this decision may cause injury to a number of the players of those teams and affect their participation in tournaments, which represent the name of Egypt in them.

Cancellation of sporting activity

One of the coaches of the youth teams in the Zamalek team, Ahmed Salah, says in his interview with Sky News Arabia, “What is happening is absolutely inconsequential, how can the clubs bear the money for the wipes that were agreed upon by the previous Football Association, and all the items have already been clearly laid down at the beginning of the season.” And interrupted. “

Salah added that the blame is placed on the current tripartite committee, as it is responsible for implementing the previous agreements between the five-year committee and the clubs, noting that the funds required there are many clubs that will not be able to schedule it at all, and will not be able to pay it no matter what.

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, the junior coach of the white team explained, “In the event that matters are not resolved amicably, there will be a decision to intervene and make a rejection note that will be sent to the International Football Association, and at that time there will be a decision to cancel sporting activity in Egypt for more than a year, which is What is considered a disaster. “

Salah stressed that “the decisions are completely conflicting in the Football Association,” at first they confirmed that if 9 players in the team were injured in Corona, the match would be postponed, and now the decision has changed that if only 6 players are injured, the match will be postponed, and what happens is a major confusion. He has the upper hand, and cancels old decisions with the aim of having an independent personality. “

Clubs object: “we will not pay”

“The Football Association agreed with us at the beginning of the season to bear the cost of medical swabs to reveal the players … if we bear the cost of the previous and next swabs, we will leave where?”

While Hossam Ezzo, the general supervisor of football in Mahalla, indicated that the team will not pay the money requested by the Egyptian Federation, the budget for swabs is large every 3 days there is a match, which means that two wipes must be done per week, and thus the budget will be large, we will not make swabs and we will not pay the money “.

The Arab Contractors and Al-Masry clubs announced that they would compete in their next matches in the Premier League without undergoing medical swabs, rejecting any decisions by the Football Association to make swabs at their own expenses.

In the coming hours, the crisis is set to witness a breakthrough with the intervention of the Egyptian Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhi and the attempt to find a compromise solution that satisfies the clubs and the Egyptian Football Association.


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