The Duchess of Cornwall: Prince Charles’ health has improved


The Duchess of Cornwall: Prince Charles' health has improved


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Prince Philip

The health of Prince Philip (99 years), husband of British Queen Elizabeth II, has witnessed a slight improvement, according to British media, citing the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles.

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Queen Elizabeth and her husband receive a vaccine against Corona

After her visit to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, Camilla said that Prince Philip’s condition “is improving slightly”.

While Buckingham Palace indicated that Prince Philip will continue to receive treatment for infection, in addition to undergoing medical examinations that he passes due to heart problems.

The husband of the British Queen was placed in King Edward VII Hospital (before his transfer to “St. Bartholomew”) more than two weeks ago, which is the longest period he has spent in hospitals in his life.

The British authorities stated that Prince Philip (who stopped appearing in front of the Republican in 2017) to the hospital on February 17th was not caused by his infection with the Corona virus.

Prince Philip will celebrate his 100th birthday on June 10.

Source: Interfax


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