The demands of the Patriarch al-Rahi are right, and what the movement and its allies are doing is laughing at the beards


Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, Representative Imad Wakim, said that “the invitation of the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rai to an international conference, does not mean that he is requesting a foreign tutelage over Lebanon, as we do not talk to each other.” “The internationalization of the situation in Lebanon is the result of the Hezbollah movement outside Lebanon and its interference in many regional issues, which are not in the interest of Lebanon.”

He pointed out, in a press interview, that “Patriarch Al-Rahi proposes the positive and not the bad internationalization, given that many conferences on Lebanon, such as Taif, the Doha Agreement, and the” Cedar Conference “, which were a kind of economic internationalization. Unfortunately, They want to control Lebanon without looking for the interest of its people, and the best evidence for that is what happened yesterday as a result of the insane rise in the dollar, which ignited the Lebanese situation in the ears of the people of power. “

Wakim explained, “Therefore, Bkerke had to make this move. This is its history, and Bkerke is a step in the right direction,” stressing that “what the Free Patriotic Movement and its allies are doing” laughed at the beard. Rejecting “any attack or attack on Bkerke and its position.” He asserted that “the Maronite Patriarchate was founded on Lebanon, and it is the backbone of the establishment of the Lebanese state for all sects and sects.”

He expressed his pessimism about “forming the government under the current circumstances,” indicating that “the Lebanese Forces do not want to participate in the government, and therefore they did not name the prime minister in charge of forming it, Saad Hariri, because we know the performance of the ruling system, which is from anyone The reasons that prompted the Shepherd to act. He asked: “Is it possible that Lebanon, which is going through a severe economic crisis and is about to collapse, that we see them not care and do not care about this situation? The Free Patriotic Movement leader, MP Gebran Bassil, is fighting Hariri, and Hezbollah seeks with him to gain more control over Lebanon.” And he stressed that “for them this matter is linked to Iran, and for us it is a suicide for Lebanon and we will never accept it.”

Wakim also affirmed that “the quick solution is their return to their senses, and the“ free movement ”lifted the cover from“ Hezbollah, ”and saw that“ Hezbollah’s main strength ”is not so much a weapon as it is in the political cover, pointing out that“ Basil This situation suits him, to fight the presidential election battle, and I believe that its probabilities are below zero, and the president of the republic is a “pampered child,” and unfortunately they ruined the country for their own interests. “

He stated that “Patriarch Al-Rahi’s demands are right, and his cry is to save Lebanon from the dangerous situation he reached. Lebanon has existed since its establishment on neutrality, and in the midst of charters and the constitution, hence the importance and existence of Lebanon, and even Imam Musa Al-Sadr spoke.” In this regard, when he said, “If we want to defend Palestine, we cannot defend it if we are not neutral.”


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