The death of the Egyptian actress Sawsan Rabie


The Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate announced the death of the Egyptian actress Sawsan Rabie Al-Seb, at the age of 59.

The union said: “Surviving God, the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions mourns the able artist Sawsan Rabie … May God have mercy on the deceased and inspired her family and her fans patience and solace,” according to (her).Sawsan had apologized for not participating in a play entitled “The Optimist” starring Sameh Hussein, which was shown a few days ago in the city of Tanta in the Egyptian governorate of Gharbia, after her health deteriorated and her detention in intensive care, prompting the director of the theater show Islam Imam to seek the help of an alternative actress, Samiha Abd. The guider.

The Egyptian actress began her artistic career since childhood, where she participated in a number of programs and dramas.


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