The death of the Egyptian actress, Laila Alexandrian, – thought and art – stars and famous people


The Iraqi actress, Nadia, called the actress Laila Iskandarani through her official Facebook account, after she had suffered a health crisis.

Nadia wrote: “We are all leaving … to the mercy of God, the artist, Layla Al-Iskandarani, and the mother of the makeup artist, Alaa Al-Tunisi.

Alaa Al-Tunisi, the son of the late artist, thanked everyone who condoled him and expressed his condolences for his great affliction through his official account on social networking sites, saying: “Thank God for all your efforts, and may God accept your prayers. Social media and sorry for not answering phones or messages. ”

Actress Nadia Iskandarani has many artistic works, most notably: the film “Stupid in it,” “Birds of Darkness,” “The Looker,” “Laugh, for the Picture Looks Sweet”, “Abboud on the Frontier”, “The Nazer” and “The Next Statement Came to Us” and other films. As for the series, it participated in “Wanis Family” “Hadith of Morning and Evening”, “Family of Hajj Metwally” and “Zizinia” among others.



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