The company develops a battery that charges within 5 minutes for vehicles


An Israeli tech start-up announced that it has developed a battery for electric vehicles that can charge the vehicle within 5 minutes, in a move designed to encourage the use of environmentally friendly cars.

And the “Store Dot” company, which specializes in high-speed recharging, manufactured the first-generation lithium-ion battery that can charge an electric car at more speeds than required, to fill the tank of a regular car with fuel.

In turn, the founder of “Store Dot”, Doron Mearsdorf, confirmed that they are working to change the driving experience by solving the problem of disconnection of electric vehicle charging on the highway.

Mersdorf said that the new technology could save the driver the hassle of waiting hours to recharge an electric car battery.

Store Dot has the support of four major investors: German car manufacturer Daimler, British oil company British Petroleum, electronics giants Samsung and TDK.


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