The circles of Baabda attack Hariri: “He does not want to form a government.”


Baabda circles considered that “Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri does not want to form the government or is unable to form it,” noting that “Hariri went too far by stipulating that he obtain the confidence of the representatives of the powerful Lebanon bloc to give the President 5 Christian ministers, and not limit his representation to 3 ministers.”

According to the “LBCI” channel, the circles of the Republican Palace pointed out that “Hariri wants to produce the same system with the people themselves, politically, financially, monetarily and economically, and this is the most dangerous and worst gendarmerie in his project.

The same circles indicated that “Hariri clearly says that there is no government now, and as he escapes forward, he will find and invent a new excuse every day in order not to form.”


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