“The Caspers” … an Emirati comedy show on “YouTube”


The series of episodes of the entertainment comedy program “The Caspers” was launched on “YouTube”, prepared and presented by five Emirati youth, and it includes entertaining, humorous and suspenseful episodes, each lasting between 10 minutes and half an hour.
Comedians Saeed Al-Helian, Abdullah Ahrar, Fahad Al-Matroushi, Mattar Al-Muhairi, and Saif Al-Jasmi were able through comedic episodes to highlight their distinct talents and display their creativity in the field of entertainment.
Saeed Al-Helian, leader of the entertainment group, indicated that all comments, activities and reactions are for entertainment purposes only. He stressed the commitment of all participants to the preventive measures of the Emergency and Crisis Authority, by conducting tests for the Corona virus and obtaining negative results before filming, in addition to the commitment to social distancing and the use of face masks during work preparation in order to preserve their safety and the safety of everyone.
“The idea arose from the daily follow-up of Emirati youth to many foreign comedy programs on the Internet, which prompted them to think about putting forward the idea of ​​presenting a comedy program with an Emirati flavor,” he said.
“We would like to participate in the world in the diaries of Emirati youth in a smooth, fun and innovative way, as we prepare weekly episodes, some of which include Emirati activities and hobbies, while shedding light on the naturalness, tourism and vital places in all the emirates of the country,” Al-Helyan added.


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