The carrier channels and the expected formation of the Barcelona and Real Sociedad match in the Spanish League


Welcome to the followers and fans of world football and fans as well as the site of the model, where we meet today in that article together to cover a very important match in the most powerful league in the world currently, which is the Spanish League, which there is a conflict on the ranking table between the big trio of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid andBarcelona Today we are covering a very important match in the struggle of the Spanish League table, which is the Barcelona and Real Sociedad match in the twenty-eighth round of the Spanish League competitions, at exactly ten o’clock in Cairo Al-Muizz.

Barcelona begins today the journey to obtain the Spanish title, especially that in the recent period, he has regained a lot of his identity and was able to revive many of his hopes and ambitions in the competition for the title, and that came after Atletico Madrid retreated in the results recently, after many of the team’s players were infected with the new Corona virus.

Barcelona and Real Sociedad match in the Spanish League

The Catalan team enters the match, raising the slogan there is no substitute for victory, after recently achieving good results in the Spanish League, other than its exit from the Parisian team in the round of sixteen of the Champions League, and the Spanish team relies much on Argentine star Lionel. Messi In visiting Real Sociedad, in order to exit the match with the three points, to preserve its positive career in recent times and the chances of winning the title.

Suspended Barcelona and Real Sociedad match

Commenting on the match, Issam Chawali on beIN SPORTS HD1.

Barcelona and Real Sociedad match card

Real Sociedad Vs Barcelona.
Championship: La Liga (week 28).
Conveyor channels: BN Sport 1.
Stadium: Inoita.
Commentator: Issam Chawali.
The result of the first leg: Barcelona (2-1) Real Sociedad.

The date of the Barcelona match and Real Sociedad

11:00 pm Saudi time.
10:00 pm Egypt local time.
10:00 pm Palestine time.
10:00 pm Jordan local time.
10:00 pm Syrian local time.
10:00 pm, Lebanon time.
11:00 pm, Iraq time.
10:00 pm Sudan time.
11:00 pm, Yemen time.
10:00 pm Libya local time.
9:00 pm Tunis time.
9:00 pm Algerian time.
9:00 pm, Moroccan time.
12:00 pm UAE time.
11:00 pm Bahrain time.
12:00 pm Oman time.
11:00 pm Kuwait time.
11:00 pm Qatar time.
8:00 pm Mauritania time.
11:00 pm Comorian time.
8:00 pm GMT.

Barcelona formation expected against Real Sociedad

Goalkeepers: Ter Stegen
Defensive line: Samuel Umtiti – Clemon Longley – Oscar Minguisa
Midfielders: Jordi Alba – Frenkie de Jong – Sergio Busquets – Pedri – Serginho Dest
Offensive line: Lionel Messi – Ousmane Dembele

Real Sociedad formation expected in front of Barcelona

Goalkeeper: Alex Romero
Defense: Ayhan Munoz – Arts Elustondo – Robin Law Normand – Andoni Guruzabel
Middle: Mikel Moreno-Andir Guevara
Attacking midfield: Porto – Mikel Uiárzábal – Andir Parinetexa
Attack: Alexander Isaac


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