The artist Hoda Shaarawi exposes the Assad regime: “People eat from garbage in Syria” and reveals an unfortunate incident that she saw with her own eyes in Damascus


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Actress Hoda Shaarawi, one of the heroes of the series “Bab Al-Hara”, said that people are eating from garbage in Syria, because of the high prices that are hitting regime-controlled areas.

She added, “A Syrian man offers his 6-year-old son for sale in one of the old neighborhoods of Damascus, due to his inability to just provide food for his six children.”

She pointed out: “I see people pick up rotten tomatoes and food remnants thrown out of the garbage containers … this I see with my own eyes.”

This came in light of the “famine” that hit the regions of the Syrian regime, as the voices of protest rose against the economic deterioration that struck the country, and from within the areas of Assad’s authority.

The Assad regime used to suppress dissidents with immediate arrests of a number of activists, including personalities from its media institutions, such as the broadcaster Hala Al-Jarf.


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