The arrest of a distributor known as “Abu Yusef”, a promoter from whom he obtained drugs, and a number of his customers


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication:Within the framework of the daily follow-up that the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces conducts in various Lebanese regions to combat the scourge of drug trafficking and its promotion and arrest those involved, the activity of one of the promoters in Al Sabtieh – Bouchrieh Dam was monitored.

As a result of the investigations and investigations, he was identified, and he claims: B. P. (Born in 1966, Lebanese)On 3/11-2021, and after a monitoring and surveillance process, one of the Division’s patrols managed to arrest him – with the flagrante delicto – while he was promoting drugs in the aforementioned store, to / 3 / of his clients, who were also arrested, they are:

– u. J. (Born in 1998, Lebanese)

– a. J. (Born in 1996, Syrian)

– R. I. (Born in 1995, Lebanese)

With a search of the promoter, he was seized in possession of a quantity of marijuana, / 3 / envelopes of salvia, weighing / 36 / g. And a sum of money. During a search of his home in Al Sabtieh,: / 65 / envelopes of salvia weighing / 330 / g. / 4 / medical injections and two cell phones.By listening, (BA) admitted what was attributed to him in terms of promoting drugs to a number of customers, and that he obtained them from a distributor known as “Abu Yusef”. Other detainees also confessed to using and buying drugs from him.

On 12-3-2021, and as a result of the follow-up, the identity of the distributor (Abu Yusef) was determined and it turned out that he was called: – M. Kh. (Born in 1943, Lebanese): He is entitled to a summary of the verdict and a warrant for an arrest for drug offense.

He was arrested by one of the Division’s patrols, and was seized in his possession: / 11 / envelopes of heroin, the weight of one envelope, / 1 / g., A nylon bag containing the heroin powder weighing / 5.4 / g. And a sum of money. During interrogation, he confessed to what was attributed to him in terms of distributing and promoting drugs.

The legal requirement was taken against the detainees, and they were deposited with the seizures of the relevant authority, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.


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