The American embassy in Muscat comments on the Mars meteorite: Omani generosity is known throughout the galaxy – Al Shabiba Newspaper


Muscat – Youth

The US embassy in Muscat commented on the Mars meteor, in a tweet monitored by the youth: The United States of America, through NASA, is proud to return a stone from the Sultanate of Oman to the planet Mars. The authentic Omani generosity is recognized throughout the galaxy!

Earlier, the Martian meteorite “Saih Al-Ahimer 008”, which was found in the Sultanate in the Wilayat of Haima in Al-Wusta Governorate in 1999 AD, has returned; To his original home, Mars, through a trip by NASA to Mars in a major scientific event aimed at learning about the history of the solar system and its components through different ages since the birth of the sun and the planets around it ..

Thus, the Omani meteorite “Saih Al-Ahimer 008” is the first rock that humans return to its motherland, Mars.

This major scientific event will introduce the countries of the world to the Sultanate, the meteorite “Saih Al-Ahimer 008”, which weighs more than eight kilograms, was formed about 450 million years ago due to a cosmic event resulting from the collision of an asteroid or comet with the planet Mars and parts of it flying into space before this comet fell. On the territory of the Sultanate.


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