The Alliance: Reasoning must be judged and the Saudi initiative accepted


The spokesman for the coalition forces “Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen”, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, looked forward to accepting the Saudi initiative to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen, saying that it is necessary to arbitrate reason and reach a political solution, and to advance the interest of the Yemeni people. Supporting the “Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen” support the Yemeni National Army, standing with the people and protecting them from violations.Regarding the Houthi militia’s failure to adhere to the initiative, al-Maliki stated that the coalition deals with violations and launches of ballistic missiles, drones, and other violations wisely, and has the full right to protect the citizens and the Kingdom’s capabilities and protect the Yemeni people inside Yemen, indicating that the Kingdom’s treatment of Houthi violations with wisdom is considered courageous. .


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