The 1001th movie in the life of the oldest extortionist in the world, madam


The documentary film “I Have a Picture: Film No. 1001 in the Life of the Oldest Exercise in the World”, directed by Muhammad Zaidan, will be shown next Friday, March 5, at the Jordanian Royal Film Commission at 7 pm Jordan time, through the commission’s Facebook page, and the show will be Available in Jordan only.

Mutawa Owais
I have a movie poster, a picture

The film “I Have a Picture: The 1001th Film in the Life of the Oldest Cumbars in the World” won four international awards, which are the Golden Star El Gouna Award for Best Arab Documentary Film, as it won its world premiere at the first session of the El Gouna Film Festival in 2017, as well as the Best Film Award. Documentary at the Tripoli Festival in Lebanon, the jury prize for documentary films more than 15 minutes at the National Film Festival, and the first prize for the best documentary within the activities of the Sharjah Film Platform Shows program organized by the Sharjah Film Foundation.

Mutawa Owais
Mutawa Ewais reviews his memories with 1000 films he participated in filming

The events of the film revolve around Zaidan, the young director who creates a documentary film with the help of Kamal Al-Homsani, one of the oldest directing assistants in Egypt, about Mutawa Awais, the oldest extortionist in the history of Egyptian cinema, who has worked on more than 1000 films since the forties of the last century until now.

“I Have a Picture: Film No. 1001 in the Life of the Oldest Exercise in the World” Written and directed by Mohamed Zidan, co-starring Kamal Al-Homsani and Mutawa Awais, filmed by Muhammad Al-Hadidi, and a soundtrack by Michael Fawzi MAD Solutions Distributed in the Arab world.

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