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                The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic did not depend on the areas of health, economy and society, but rather went beyond it to more private areas related to the intimate life of individuals.  In France, several studies have shown that people's lives have been clearly affected by this epidemic in terms of the increase in the number of divorce cases and family disputes, in addition to the increase in the demand for sexual materials and tools and the greater turnout for dating sites and meetings.  French studies have linked these new phenomena to the impact of daily life with the emergence of the virus in France. Here are some of the testimonies we got.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span><span><span>A little over a year ago, most of the world's population was forced to coexist with a heavyweight guest and a killer who introduced drastic changes </span></span></span><span><span><span>On</span></span></span><span><span><span>  Our daily public and private life.<a target="_blank" href="https://www.france24.com/ar/فرنسا/20210225-فيروس-كورونا-نتائج-واعدة-للقاح-جونسون-وإجراءات-جديدة-مرتقبة-في-فرنسا" rel="noopener"><strong>  Corona Virus</strong></a>  That which sows terror in the souls and kills lives also strikes the private and sexual lives of individuals. </span></span></span><span><span><span>Quarantine and</span></span></span><span><span><span>Social distancing and remote work from </span></span></span><span><span><span>Home and wearing masks, in addition to routine and fear of approaching others</span></span></span><span><span><span>.</span></span></span><span><span><span>.. all of which </span></span></span><span><span>New phenomena accompanied the emergence of the virus and affected, in one way or another, the intimate life of individuals.</span></span></span></span></span></span>

The percentage of celibacy in France is high

at FranceNational Institute publishing For studies Demographic research Show that The single rate in December 2020 was 21 percent, A number that has been on the rise for ten years, according to these studying.

One-fifth of the population of France If they live a single life. Since the start of the global health crisis and with the imposition of the first quarantine in March/Last March to May 2020, many French for the first time experience permanent coexistence With spouses or other family members. This is mixing and friction The new and unexpected had an impact on sexual activity and intimate relationships, according to several testimonies Traded it Some newspapers and social networking sites و .خرى We managed to get it. Either the quarantine has become stronger Marital relations more than before or, on the contrary, destroyed and undermined them from the foundations.

IFOP, the French institution for public opinion polls, was published on May 4/May 2020, A study based on the testimonies of 3045 people Aged 18 and over, it was shown that sexual life Experienced A significant drop during the first quarantine in France between March 15th/March and May 11 2020. The percentage of French people who did not have sex last April was (44%), which is almost double the usual percentage (26%).

This decrease in sexual activity affected during the first quarantine on unrelated people and also on people living under one roof, where the percentage decreased by about 11%..

The emergence of new phenomena during the health crisis

Among the natural consequences of this new and unusual health situation, several new phenomena emerged, among them Turnout More on pornography and pornography on the Internet, as well as the acquisition of sex toys from electronic stores in particular, as well as resorting to dating sites that witnessedOff Unparalleled during this health crisis. Turnout Avatars for example In new subscriptions, accounts and longer chat times, according to Lily Gilani Lyrad, a spokeswoman for Tinder, the dating and app giant.

Dating apps set records

Metec application, for example, recorded a rise In terms of the number of messages exchanged during the summer of 2020 compared to 2019 BMore than 26 percent. The same applies to the Tinder app Which was registered on the twenty-ninth of March/March 2020 a record for application usage reaching three billion worldwide. In France, the number of daily conversations on this application has increased by 23 percent since the start of the first quarantine, according to an article published on Les Echo website.

Here are some testimonials toBy subscribing to dating and dating sites in France, we managed to get them and we changed the real names لهؤلااء To protect their privacy.

Dating sites saved me from my daily routine.

Isabelle, in her thirties, working at a bank in a suburb of Paris, realized with passing Days during The first quarantine that her life Daily With her boyfriend who has shared housing in a Parisian apartment, she is struck by a routineAnd although working remotely from home is somewhat occupied by her, she discovered that her love life was affected by this strange daily pattern for them.. I discovered new aspects of his personality: irritability, neglect and indifference in carrying out the daily tasks of caring for the home... Behaviors that even chill their sex lives.

“This situation made me aware of how,” she says I got used to life with my friend, but I cannot say that I can continue this relationship with him forever. The disputes are daily and sometimes we only talk to each other via SMS. We have two rooms in the house, which helped us maintain some space. “ She adds: “When I am alone I visit dating sites. I registered accounts on some of them, where I exchanged some messages of a purely sexual nature with young men, which saved me from this routine and helped me reconsider my life and make my decision to separate from my friend when the first quarantine ended.. Since then, Isabel has been using dating apps to meet new guys.

The health crisis is a test of the strength of the marital relationship

Matteo, who works in the telecommunications sector, has been married to Paula for five years and they have two young children. Since the first quarantine, disputes between them began, mainly due to the unequal performance of daily responsibilities, especially when Taking care of children, who have stopped going to school due to the pandemic, and whose parents have become obligated Interest in following up their lessons remotely through special educational platforms.

Here Matthew noticed that Paula does not make much effort to do this task, but rather has become a lot of grumbling and excitement and leaves a large part of the daily affairs of her husband, who has become He works remotely from home.

Paula works with French websites, providing her with articles about French heritage. The daily quarrels between the spouses did not disappear after the first quarantine. Before the second stone in France, Paula left her husband and moved to live with her new friend, who works with her in the same institution and is also a father. Today Matteo is single again and said he will wait a little while looking for a new life partner, and he believes that it will not happen before the end of the pandemic. Which It is believed that it revealed the fragility of his marital relationship.

The daily instructions that we live by today are stifling

Marin, 40, is a single mother and recruiter for a giant French company. She says that this period greatly affected her personal and sexual life, which, as she puts it, became a nightmare. Today, she is not dating anyone, she cannot register an account on dating sites for professional reasons, she works a lot from home and does not go out only a little. “I used to meet men and women at family events and with friends, such as weddings and birthdays, for example, but I have not participated in any of them for more than a year,” she says.

She adds Even cafes and restaurants are closed today, so how can I meet new people? During this period I met only one man, whom I met by chance Where you are I am jogging In one of the spaces prepared for this in my city … and the relationship did not last for long. “.

Quarantine and curfew do not mean anything to me and calling home has become easier

Guillaume, in his early thirties, works in the field of Informatics, He says he considers the pandemic “the enemy of life, especially for young people.”. And because I am in the prime of life I reject this new way of life and my life today as a single young man affected by all these controls that I categorically reject. The media and politicians are trying to control everything.. Even our emotions and our instincts. Therefore, I did not respect the quarantine, especially the second imposed by the authorities late last year. Today I do not respect the curfew. From 6 pm, I meet my friends at their homes and sometimes invite them to me my house“.

Visual As for dating, I subscribe to most of the popular apps: Tinder, Babel, and Happen, and while I sometimes encounter girls who respect government instructions, the majority of subscribers do not care about these restrictions. Therefore, I issue an exit permit for fake reasons, such as child custody, even though I am not a father yet. I often meet women in their homes or in my house, sometimes nothing happens, but calling home is ultimately easier in such circumstances.. With the closure of restaurants, cafes and clubs Nightlife, today it is possible to meet others in a more intimate place, which is at home. ”

He added, “This type of meeting today has become accessible to everyone. Sometimes girls tell me that they prefer to meet people before visiting them at home, so I suggest them to talk via video first. We talk a little bit through video applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook.” Facebook. And if we like each other We actually meet. Isn’t this a good idea?

Even if this ends The health crisis, it seems that the effects of Covid-19 on people’s emotional and sexual lives will continue, especially with the emergence of new habits that may enhance the feeling of loneliness among some. Especially since today we avoid getting close to the other more and more and practicing daily social distancing for fear of catching the virus, and avoiding gatherings of even the narrow family. While the vaccine against the Coronavirus carries hopes of returning to a normal life during the coming months or years, the psychological effects of this bleak period in which we are currently living remain unknown and difficult to estimate.

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