Tesla’s only competitor is entering the production market aggressively


Lucid, the automaker, has announced its entry into a real competition with Tesla, the leader in electric cars.

In the context of the comparison between the two companies on the face of competition, unlike electrical companies Lucid plans to manufacture their vehicles internally as Tesla does, relying on the importance of the quality of the products that the company provides.

Lucid also concluded a deal with LG Chem to provide it with battery cells. The company also indicated that it will announce additional suppliers to it in the future, while Tesla has concluded many deals with several different companies, according to what the US CNBC reported.

Lucid is expected to produce more than 500,000 cars annually by 2030, but Tesla is likely to produce approximately 20 million electric cars by that year, especially after it produced 509,737 electric cars last year despite the existence of the Corona pandemic.

According to what the director of Lucid “Rollinson” said, the next set of cars for Lucid will range from 40 to 50 thousand dollars, and there will be no less than that, while Tesla intends to present cars whose prices may start from 25 thousand dollars.

Lucid also has no plans to operate a network to charge its cars around the world, unlike Tesla which has put a lot of capital into its own fast charging network, as Tesla has more than 20,000 chargers worldwide.

In terms of the autonomous driving technology that characterizes self-driving cars, Tesla has added lidar sensors to its cars, as well as a range of cameras and other devices that rely on driver assistance in its cars.

In addition, cars feature smart navigation technology and automatic lane change. The driver can also connect to his car using a mobile phone, however all of these features do not allow driverless driving and Tesla lacks a robust driver monitoring system.

Lucid promised to include in its vehicles a robust driver monitoring system that ensures the driver can use the vehicle’s advanced driving systems properly.

Nevertheless, Tesla is one of the most important car brands in the world and its popularity has increased with its interest in sharing its events on social media and establishing its own Internet forums.

By contrast, Lucid has launched a nationwide television campaign to advertise the company and its vehicles, and the coronavirus pandemic has caused many of the events planned for the company to be canceled.


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