Telemedicine is one of the easiest types of health care (Dr. Hanina Abi Nader)


Dr.. Hanina Abi Nader –

Telemedicine is a concurrent, non-clinical process in which medical information is exchanged between a patient and his doctor. The adoption of this type of medicine began in psychiatry in 1999 in particular, and in the context of providing primary care services in 2009. This health care service creates an important bond of trust that aims to obtain health services remotely (for example, during home sessions to avoid traffic congestion) easily and at reasonable prices. Sometimes rural areas are the most in need of this service.

The session that often takes place can be recorded through the application “Zoom” or “Skype” Skype, which provide video telephony services. In this context, it is important to monitor the patient’s health status and follow it up. It is also important to reduce exposure to some viruses in hospitals and to occupy emergency rooms (which preserves the absorption capacity of these rooms in hospitals). It should be noted that the majority of emergency cases nowadays are related to the emerging corona virus.

Another type of benefit of telemedicine is the ability to choose the health care provider and the nurse. Here we must point out that the follow-up of chronic diseases (acceptance of the disease) and the reminders that the doctor performs and the things the patient is assigned to do, all help to develop the culture of the latter and make him more easily comply with the recommendations.

We also mention that longitudinal care and the process of identifying early symptoms are of great importance, and that some cases may require a visit to the doctor’s office, and that the doctor gives directions and recommends how to use the instructions in the best way.

Telemedicine reduces costs and saves time (it is possible to have a 40-minute session before traveling to an overseas appointment).

For more information, you can contact Dr. Hanina Abi Nader via Skype (hanina838) at 03/944331 anywhere around the world.

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