Technical errors and critical reviews … the most prominent stations of the “Golden Globe” celebration


From Netflix’s bounty to technical glitches, to the critical review of diversity jury members.
The following is a glimpse of the highlights of the 78th edition of the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday:In general, the impact of artistic phrases and words was weaker than ever due to technical limitations, geographic divergence and health measures related to combating Corona virus. Only unprofessional comedians, doctors and nurses escaped these lapses with short satirical clips during the evening.

The transmission of the speech of the first winners at the concert, Daniel Kaluuya, was interrupted due to technical problems, indicating the technical difficulties during the time of the Corona pandemic, for this hypothetical event that was held in two locations separated by thousands of kilometers, and the winners were distributed throughout the United States and abroad.

Criticized for lack of diversity
Helen Hoon, vice chairwoman of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in charge of distributing the Golden Globes annually, acknowledged that there was “a great effort that remains to be made.” In recent weeks, the association has faced criticism for its lack of diversity, as it does not include any black people among its 87 members.

The association’s president, Mihir Tatna, promised that “we will ensure that all societies are represented in our ranks and we will succeed in that.”

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave its first indication in this direction on Sunday by rewarding a large number of black actors, including the late Chadwick Bozeman and Andra Day, passing through Daniel Kaluuya.

Best Netflix Performance
The giant “Netflix” platform in the field of streaming came out with abundant yield at the “Golden Globe” party, after winning six awards in the television categories and four awards in the cinematic categories, which is its best performance in terms of these rewards.

The platform topped the nominations with 42 nominations. The series “The Crown” was one of the most prominent “Netflix” winners, as its fourth season won four Golden Globe Awards.

The event constitutes an important milestone for the giant group in the field of entertainment. After a lukewarm welcome in Hollywood circles, Netflix is ​​a major player in the sector.

The movie “Mank” … disappointment
But the only disappointment for “Netflix” was the exit of the movie “Mank” empty-handed in the six categories in which he was a candidate.

British actors reaped more awards than their American counterparts on Sunday. With the exception of Catherine O’Hara (Canadian who also holds US citizenship) and Anya Taylor-Joy (who holds the nationalities of Argentina, Britain and the United States), seven awards in the acting performance categories went to Britons in exchange for six awards for Americans.

On Sunday, submerged young actors Emma Corinne and Josh O’Connor won the Best Actress and Best Actor in a Drama Series for Princess Diana and Prince Charles in The Crown.


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