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Bags under the eyes, eye bags, or bags around the socket are all indications of the problem of swelling of the lower eyelids, which shows swelling of the tissues around the eyes. This problem is one of the undesirable manifestations of most people, especially women, as the person appears to be older than his real age, and women may not be able to hide this puffiness with cosmetics.

Reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes

In fact, there is no specific reason for the emergence of this problem, according to the German magazine “Freunden”, but it may indicate the body’s need for vitamins and nutrients, or even the accumulation of sediments or water retention in the body below this area, which requires medical treatment, but it may also appear due to Too much sleep and lack of sleep, which leads to many effects in the body that appear, first on the eye area. Aging may also be a reason for its appearance, as the older a person gets, the greater the possibility of these swellings appearing. These swelling may also indicate a malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Simple recipes to solve the problem

According to the German magazine, some people resort to expensive creams to solve this problem, while others prefer skin tightening operations, but the solution may lie in simple recipes at hand.


The cooling effect helps to get rid of puffiness, as a cold towel that you put on your face for 20 minutes can have a great effect on this puffiness. It is also possible to use some slices of chopped cucumber or add yogurt, provided that these materials are cold. Cold and humidity have a great effect in treating this phenomenon.


Tea has healing properties in treating flatulence, and ground coffee and green tea help treat swelling. Simply squeeze out the tea or coffee bags after use, let them cool down, put them in the fridge for an hour and then apply them to the eyes. Caffeine promotes blood circulation and eliminates swellings.

Sleeping position

Unlike sleeping in a sitting position or on the stomach, sleeping on the back and placing a pillow under the head prevents fluid accumulation in the head and face, and this is useful for avoiding the swelling of the eyes, according to the German “Schoonheit Tips” website.

There are other useful tips to avoid the appearance of swellings:

Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins! This strengthens the natural functions of the skin.

Use salt in moderation! Salt binds fluids and promotes water retention.

Avoid alcohol! Alcohol removes fluid from the body. The result: the body stores more fluid in the tissues to make up for the loss.

Get off the cigarettes! Nicotine impairs connective tissue and causes permanent damage to skin cells.

Exercise a lot outdoors! This stimulates the metabolism process.

Avoid stress! Yoga, exercise, and meditation can help reduce levels of bloating.

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