Suspension of customs duties between Europe and America in the context of the dispute between “Airbus” and “Boeing”


President announced European CommissionUrsula von der Leyen, today, Friday, the European Union andUnited State They agreed to suspend the tariffs applied on both sides of the Atlantic, in the context of the dispute betweenAirbus and Boeing“.

“I have agreed with President Biden to suspend all of our fees imposed in the context of the differences between Airbus and Boeing, on aviation industry products, as well as those not related to this industry, for an initial period of four months,” von der Leyen said in a statement after a conversation with US President Joe Biden “.

For his part, Biden pledged to “restore and revive” relations with the European Union, after Washington and Brussels agreed to suspend customs duties imposed on the background of a trade dispute between “Boeing” and “Airbus”.

The 16-year-old dispute over government aid to the two companies has seen Brussels and Washington impose punitive reciprocal fees, including $ 7.5 billion in tariffs, on European products.

The White House said, in a statement, that Biden spoke with von der Leyen, and they agreed to suspend the fees and “work to resolve these long-standing disputes in the World Trade Organization.” He added that Biden “stressed his support for the European Union and his commitment to restore and revitalize the partnership between the United States” and Brussels.

He pointed out that the agreement to suspend the fees was an appreciation of “our common values ​​and the major investment and trade relationship in the world.”

In March 2020, Washington imposed punitive duties of 25% on popular European Union products such as wine, cheese and olive oil, and 15% on Airbus aircraft.

On the other hand, the European Union imposed duties on US exports amounting to 4 billion dollars, including Boeing planes and agricultural products such as wheat, tobacco, alcoholic drinks and chocolate.

And last month, the Biden administration announced that it will now maintain the additional duties on some European goods, which came into effect on January 12, due to the conflict between “Boeing” and “Airbus”.

Biden and von der Leyen discussed the importance of close US-European cooperation in a number of areas, from containing the Covid-19 epidemic to seeking global economic recovery, resolving the climate crisis and promoting democracy, according to the statement.

They also agreed to coordinate between Washington and Brussels on some common issues, including Russia, China, Belarus, Ukraine and the Western Balkans.

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