Suspension of customs duties between America and Europe due to Boeing and Airbus


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Friday that the European Union and the United States have suspended customs duties imposed due to the dispute between Airbus and Boeing for an initial period of four months.
In a statement after a phone call with US President Joe Biden, von der Leyen said the two sides were committed to resolving the dispute.”In a symbol of this new beginning, President Biden and I agreed to suspend all of our tariffs imposed in the context of the disputes between Airbus and Boeing, whether on aircraft and products that have nothing to do with aircraft, for an initial period of 4 months,” she added.

The dispute between Brussels and Washington has revolved for 15 years over the state’s support for the two largest aircraft companies in the world, the European Airbus Consortium, and its American rival, Boeing.

The two sides imposed billions of dollars of tariffs on aviation and non-air goods.

“It’s excellent news for companies and industries on both sides of the Atlantic and a very positive sign for our economic cooperation in the coming years,” said von der Leyen.

In 2019, the United States imposed tariffs of $ 7.5 billion on European exports annually, and the European Union responded in 2020 with fees of $ 4 billion.


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