Summary – Maha Abu Ouf in Her Excellency: I thought about adopting children from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Omar Khorshid would let me go before he died | news


The actress Maha Abu Ouf was a guest in the program “Your Excellency,” presented by the artist Isaad Younes on the dmc screen.

During the interview, Maha Abu Auf spoke about secrets from her artistic and personal life, which we present to you in the following lines:

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-I love choosing artistic roles and I do not prefer repetition and the first film I participated in, “I do not lie, but I make myself beautiful.”

– During the filming of the movie “Majnouneh”, my son was young, aged no more than 4 years, and cried, and a breakdown occurred to him in the scene of my tying and threatening me with tranquility when you tied me up and my son was afraid of you, happiness.

I have an unnatural experience with whatever role I play, and my husband and son think that I am crazy every day with a new personality.

-Mohamed Sobhi encouraged me to present comedy through Shakira’s character in the series Diary and Nice

– The reason for my disappearance from the art scene is the lack of artistic work that suits me and my nature, and I do not want to re-perform artistic personalities, but I seek change.

-My marriage to Omar Khorshid happened suddenly, and Izzat tried to distract me after his death and we traveled to Tunisia and disappeared, and the one who brought me out of isolation, Izzat and happiness Younes, and Omar Khorshid will remain in all of our lives, and life has to go.

– I did not think about the inheritance after the departure of the late artist, and I did not care for that, but I found myself by a court ruling that I obtained a part of his property through informing the inheritance as his last wife.

-I did not get a divorce from the late artist Omar Khorshid, but he intended to separate from me before he was absent from death.

It is not true that I entered into a struggle to obtain 20 million pounds from Omar Khorshid’s inheritance.

– The late artist Omar Khorshid died not due to a car accident .. He had a 30 cm cut in his neck, which was not the result of the car windshield, and his accident carries mysteries like the killing of Suad Hosni.

I tried to fulfill my wish to have children for 15 years, and for this reason I traveled to Italy, Switzerland and France, and in America they asked me to forget the topic and think about adoption.

In America, I refused to remove the uterus so as not to order false pregnancies, which is a very dangerous disease and not as some people understand. Then I went back to Egypt and handed my command to God, and I thought about adopting children from those who came from Bosnia and Herzegovina during the time of war.

One day, I felt severe pain, so I went to the hospital, and the doctors asked me for some tests, and the surprise was that I was pregnant.

– I have not been out of my home for 6 months for fear of contracting the Coronavirus, and I always make sure to adhere to the precautionary measures.

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