Sumaya al-Khashab joins the Musa family today


Sumaya al-Khashab joins the Musa family today

Sumaya al-Khashab and Muhammad Ramadan

The superstar Sumaya al-Khashab begins today, Thursday, filming her first scenes in the series “Musa”, starring the superstar Mohamed Ramadan, and is scheduled to be shown during the upcoming Ramadan series 2021 Marathon.

“Musa” is written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, directed by Muhammad Salama, and produced by Synergy.

Musa Ramadan series 2021

And with this series, the artist returns Sumaya al-Khashab For television drama after an absence of 3 years, since she presented the series “Halal” in 2017, with artist Fifi Abdo, written by Samah Hariri, directed by Ahmed Shafiq.

It is worth noting that half of the scenes of the series “Musa” have been filmed so far. The team, led by director Mohamed Salama, filmed several scenes in Aswan, during which Muhammad Ramadan appeared with a group of crocodiles.


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