Sudden tension between “Tripoli militias”


The Libyan capital, Tripoli, witnessed a sudden new security tension the day before yesterday, after the killing of a member of the 444th militia of the deterrence forces of the Government of National Accord in the Salah al-Din region at the hands of the Tripoli Revolutionary Militias led by Ayoub Buras, which required mutual reinforcements between the militias of the capital.

Residents and eyewitnesses spoke of the outbreak of clashes and heard gunfire near Mitiga Military Airport, which is controlled by the deterrence forces.

The security situation file in the western region in general and Tripoli in particular, was issued by Fathi Bashagha, Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord, with the Assistant Secretary-General and the coordinator of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Rizdon Zininga, where Bashagha expressed his hope to grant the confidence of the House of Representatives to the government of national unity in the coming days.

According to a statement distributed yesterday, Bashagha expressed his satisfaction with the election of a new government of national unity and a presidential council, stressing the Ministry of Interior’s support for all political outcomes to bring the country to safety.


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