Study gives good news about finding a drug to prevent “diabetes”


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A medical study published in the “Transitional Medicine” magazine revealed that half of the people at risk of developing type 1 diabetes who were treated with a new drug remained free of the disease after five years of taking it.

The study showed that the drug is “tbilizumab”, and it is considered a monoclonal antibody, and an artificial copy of cells produced by the human immune system, developed by the biotechnology company, Provision, and is designed to prevent the emergence of type 1 diabetes.

The researchers conducted the study on a group of people, part of whom received the drug teplizumab, while the other part received a placebo..

The results showed that people who received the drug were less likely to have diabetes for five years, while people who received the placebo survived for only 27 months..

“If approved for use, this would be the first drug that delays or prevents type 1 diabetes,” said one of the study participants in Immunobiology and Endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine, Connecticut.“.

Herold added that the US Food and Drug Administration is currently evaluating the new drug, and it is expected that it will be approved for use by next summer.


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