“Stray dogs” eating away at the body of a Saudi girl in front of her mother’s eyes


The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen announced the interception of a drone launched by the Houthis on the city of Khamis Mushait, while the United States expressed its concern about the conflict in Yemen.

The Saudi Al-Ikhbariya channel quoted the coalition, on Sunday evening, that a “booby-trapped” drone launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi group towards the city in the south of the Kingdom was intercepted and destroyed.

During the past few days, the Houthis stepped up their air attacks on sensitive targets in Saudi Arabia, targeting oil installations, while Riyadh considered a threat to its security and the security of oil supplies to the world.

And the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, expressed in a phone call with the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths Washington’s concern about the conflict in Yemen.

Blinken stressed, in Statement published by Foreign Affairs The American government, on Sunday, for American support for “a unified and stable Yemen free from any foreign influence.”

Blinken stressed the importance of US efforts led by the Special Envoy for Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, in trying to revive diplomatic efforts to complete the attempts made by the United Nations and other parties to end the war in Yemen.

On Friday, the Houthi group rejected a plan proposed by Lenderking for a ceasefire in this country that had been torn by war for years.

American plan for a ceasefire in Yemen “in front of the Houthis”

The US special envoy to Yemen, Timothy Linder King, revealed a plan to stop the firing in Yemen, warning that the continued fighting in that country threatens to spark a larger conflict.

Reuters had announced, citing “two informed sources,” that senior US officials had held their first direct meeting with officials from the Yemeni Houthi group, as part of the new US administration’s endeavor to put an end to the six-year-old Yemeni war.

The two sources added that the discussions, which were not announced by any party, took place in the Omani capital, Muscat, on February 26th between Lenderking and the chief Houthi negotiator, Muhammad Abdul Salam.

The State Department refused to comment on the news of holding these discussions.

Washington refuses to comment on news about a US meeting with the Houthis in Oman

On Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price refused to confirm or deny press reports that US officials had held talks with Houthi officials in the Sultanate of Oman.

Linder King called on the Houthis to abide by the ceasefire, and said, “The Houthis give priority to military actions in order to control Marib. They must fulfill their promises,” especially in terms of “ending interference in humanitarian aid shipments.”

On Thursday, the United States of America, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom condemned the continuous Houthi attack on the Yemeni city of Marib and the significant escalation of the Houthi attacks against Saudi Arabia.

Since 2014, Yemen has been witnessing a war between the Houthi rebels backed by Iran and the forces loyal to the recognized President of the United Nations, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, whose government sought refuge in Aden and made it the country’s “temporary” capital.

After six years of fighting for power in a conflict that claimed the lives of thousands, the country is witnessing a collapse in the health, economy, education and other sectors, while more than 3.3 million people live in schools and camps where diseases such as cholera are spread due to the scarcity of clean water.


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