Starship spacecraft prototype explodes minutes after its landing (video)


The space

Starship spacecraft prototype explodes minutes after its landing (video)



The SN10 model of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft exploded several minutes after it landed on the platform in Texas, USA.

And “SpaceX” launched a test model of the vehicle, which reached a height of about 10 kilometers, and carried out a successful landing operation after returning to the launch pad.

It was indicated that the explosion was caused by an excessive amount of fuel after landing.

SpaceX is developing a space transportation system consisting of the Super Heavy and Spaceship carrier rocket, both of which are versatile.

If the project is successful, it will be possible to transport satellites, crews and payloads over long distances, including to the Moon and Mars, with this system.

This is the third launch of the Starship prototype, where the missile exploded during the landing in the previous two experiments on December 10 and February 3, but the company considered them successful, because the main goal was to test the system’s ability to fly and drop and to ensure the functioning of the management and control systems.

The director of “SpaceX” Elon Musk estimated the chances of a successful landing during the first launch at about 30%.

Source: Agencies


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