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Many activities, revealed by the stars’ tweets on social media, during this week, some of them related to their new work, whether on the dramatic or lyrical level, while other tweets revealed some personal and family aspects of the stars. “Al Bayan” traveled between the accounts of the stars.

And she came out with a group of tweets, while Ahlam is still celebrating her album songs, both Angham and Ruby have revealed their new songs.

While Abdullah Al-Sadhan sent a message of reproach to his colleague Nasser Al-Qasabi, and the public celebrated Elisa’s view on the facade of the Burj Khalifa, while the Corona virus managed to storm the artist Majed Al-Masry’s house, at a time when Haifa Hussein sent a message to everyone urging them to receive the vaccine and adhere to preventive measures.

“God is good, you would not have attained evil if it came to you”, a wisdom that the artist Hussein Al Jasmi recently published on his account on “Instagram”, accompanied with his photo, at a time when al-Jasmi was published through “Story Instagram”, a question about the name of the artist who sang with him loudly The answer would be Hussein Al Jasmi’s name. As for the Emirati artist, Ahlam.

She is still busy promoting the songs of her new album, and the echoes he achieved on the ground, while she published a post on “Story Instagram” in which she confirmed her participation in the closing ceremony of the “Meydan” competitions that are held weekly in the Global Village.

Backstage photography

Despite his preoccupation with filming his scenes in the series “Who We Love”, the artist Mari Al-Helyan did not spare his audience in moving the scenes of filming the work, as he finally published a clip on his Instagram account, which he brings together with the Egyptian actress Nashwa Mustafa, who expressed her happiness to participate in this Serial.

In the same clip, the artist Jumah Ali appears, who wished that the work would be “a good beginning.” His colleague Ahmed Al Jasmi walked along with the artist, who in turn published a video clip confirming his participation in the series “We Love Them”, which was written by Mari Al-Helian, and it is directed by Bassem Shaabo.

For his part, artist Aida Al-Minhali published on the “Story Instagram” a referendum in which he asks his fans about their opinion by organizing a live concert on Instagram, where the result was 99% in support of the idea, while the artist Haifa Hussein, through several video clips, published a message to everyone to adhere to the procedures Preventive, to confront Corona, and also urged everyone to receive the anti-vaccine.

She said: “We all live under high pressure, and we must be very careful to adhere, especially in light of the spread of the new strain of the virus.” Haifa called for the importance of concern for the elderly and fear for them, and said: “Vaccination has become a necessity, and we must receive it. », And I advised everyone to hasten to take the vaccine, to stay away from contact and to strengthen the body’s immunity.

reproach Message

In the Gulf, the message of reproach that the Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan sent through his Twitter account to his colleague Nasser Al-Qasabi met with wide interaction, as the message came more than 10 years after their artistic separation, during which the series “Tash Ma Tash” that brought them together stopped Together for years.

Al-Sadhan had written on Twitter: “By God, then, by God, I love you, and this is a message of reproach that I accepted, Hello .. My home is yours.” Al-Sadhan attached his message to a video clip reviewing scenes from their previous works, on the impact of a song by the artist Rashid Al-Majid, from the series “Al-Asouf”.

In the Arab world, the scene seemed different. After the success of her Khaleeji album, titled “Joking,” the Egyptian singer Angham revealed, through her social media accounts, her latest songs, titled “Nafas Al Shawq,” and is expected to see the light at the end of this month.

Angham participates in the classical music festival hosted by Egypt, and Angham had published a special poster for her new song, and attached it to the word “soon”, and indicated that the song was written by Osama Mustafa, composed by Mustafa al-Asal and distributed by Muhammad al-Ashi.

For her part, the artist, Ruby, revealed through “Instagram” her intention to release the clip of her new song “A New One”, in celebration of International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th, where she participates with this song in the “New One” initiative that reviews some inspiring women’s stories, and challenges Facing them, and showing the strength of women and their ability to confront.

In the same context, Elisa’s announcement on Burj Khalifa about her program “Podcast Elisa”, which is broadcast on the “Deezer” platform, was widely celebrated, as Elisa is the first Arab artist whose image appears on the tallest tower in the world. Elisa recently launched episodes of “Elisa’s Podcast”, in which she reviews a group of stories and anecdotes in which she reveals some of her life features, as well as the scenes of her songs.

First Sights

As for the actress, Menna Shalaby, she officially announced her contract to star in the second part of the series “Les La”, where she finally began filming the first scenes of the work that Maryam Abu Auf authored, and the work reviews stories dealing with the crises of women in eastern society, and the producer was Abdullah Abul Fotouh He published through his account on “Instagram” the first set of photos from the scenes of the series, saying: In the name of God, we trust in God series (Why not 2).

At the same time, the statements of the Syrian artist Abed Fahd, which he made in one of the television interviews, were echoed widely on social networking sites, where Youssef Al-Khal nominated him as a substitute in the series “The Game of Death”, Youssef Haddad in the series “Law”, and Talal Al-Jardi in the series “Way”.

Dima Kandalaft was also nominated as an alternative to Serene Abdel Nour in the series “Game of Death”, and Slafah Mimar for the series “Law” and Sulaf Fawakherji for the series “Road”.

On the other hand, the Corona virus broke into the house of the Egyptian artist Majed Al-Masry, and infected his son Adam and his wife Rania, who announced through “Story Instagram” that she was infected with the virus and wrote in a sarcastic language: “What do you want from us Corona, have mercy on us .. Mercy is sweet .. like this. Many », as this brought back to mind the same situation that afflicted Majid al-Masri and his daughter last January, when he was forced to stop filming the series“ King Ahmose ”.

The rumor of death finally hit the artist Sabah Fakhri, as his son Fakhry took the initiative to deny this, expressing his surprise about the purpose behind launching such rumors, noting that this is not the first time that Sabah Fakhri has been exposed to such a rumor that also afflicted Emirati artist Sultan Al Niyadi, who He peered over a video clip to deny it.



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