Sri Lankan girl dies under the blows of the “Evil Witch” wand – website news – follow-ups


Sri Lankan police have arrested a woman who beat a nine-year-old girl with a stick for allegedly expelling evil spirits from her, causing her death.

The woman who claims to be specializing in magic promised the girl coming to her from East Colombo to rid her of evil spirits.

Police said the woman hit the girl at different times during three consecutive days.

The victim’s mother was arrested for assisting the witch to beat her daughter.

And medical sources reported that the girl died on Sunday from injuries to her internal organs.

The police found that at least five sticks were used to hit the child, and she was broken due to the continuous use of them.

Witchcraft continues to be used in Sri Lanka, where it is believed that it may alleviate illnesses or help resolve family disputes, land issues and those related to money.




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