“Spike” … the secret of the mutation and death of Corona – Covid-19


A study revealed that the secret of the mutation of the Corona virus and its death to its victims is due to the “spike” spinal proteins.

The American study indicated that the spike proteins that collect on the outside of the Corona virus are the most stable, and the causes of the new variables that occur to the virus are due to them, and thus lead to its spread faster than the original strain.

The Israeli Jerusalem Post quoted Professor Ping Chen, a professor of pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, as saying that the study examined changes that occurred in the spinal proteins that belong to one of the new mutations that occurred in the virus in Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom, according to Sky News. .

According to the results of the study and published in the academic journal “Science”, the protein of the original strain of the virus sometimes breaks down before it binds properly to the receptors of the human host, which means that it will not fuse properly with cells.

However, this obstacle appears to have been corrected in the subsequent mutations of the virus, and the spiny proteins on the back of the virus do not respond easily, as was the case in the original virus.

With the news of the variants appearing for the first time on the Corona virus, many experts in the health field have expressed their concern that vaccines will not be effective with the mutated virus, but Professor Chen said that this should not be a concern.



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