Soundcloud will pay artists according to how long their work has been heard in a global precedent


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Paris: The “Soundcloud” music platform, which allows artists to introduce users to their tracks, announced to AFP the launch next month of a new system based on paying artists for the duration of listening to their pieces, in a move it said was a global precedent.

Music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Deezer, are currently operating on the basis of a monthly subscription amounting to twelve dollars a month, a large part of which is poured into the account of the artists whose works generate the highest percentage of listening from subscribers in general.

This system is facing criticism from artists, and it conflicts with the theoretical model based on the number of individual audiences for subscribers. In concrete terms, the system encourages big stars like Drake and Ariana Grande at the expense of less mainstream artists.

The German “SoundCloud” platform will reconsider this system, as it will launch, starting from April 1, for artists who present their works through its services, another system that provides money based on the total duration of listening to their fans.

“This is a demand that has been repeated for years in the sector. We are happy that we are the first to introduce this innovation to support artists,” Soundcloud General Manager Michael Weissmann told AFP.

In the end, this move will provide money to “about a hundred thousand independent artists” in the world, through a system described by the platform as more “fair” and “fair” and that will ultimately promote greater musical diversity.

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud counts more than 250 million music works by 30 million artists in 190 countries.


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