Sistani to the Pope: No to normalization


Al-Akhbar wrote: “The historic meeting that brought together the Pope of the Catholic Church, Francis II, and the supreme religious authority in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani, in the city of Najaf (south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad), the day before yesterday, which lasted for more than 40 minutes, was not without letters. Political, in light of Sistani’s adherence to his “seven no’s”, in the expression of more than one observing source. These nos, which are inspired by the statement issued by Sistani’s office following the meeting, are: No to siege, no to violence, no to injustice, no to poverty, no to suppress religious freedoms Not for the absence of social justice, nor for normalization.

Some sources said that the Vatican delegation “requested a blanket from Najaf that would enable the followers of the three religions to perform an annual pilgrimage to the city of Ur (the ancient city in which the Prophet Abraham was born, located in the southern province of Nasiriyah). According to the same sources, the circles familiar with the atmosphere of Najaf refrained from confirming or denying their hadith.


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