Shocking details about the horrific crime that claimed Darin’s life!


The family of Darren Zuaiter, who was killed in a heinous crime, was not aware that her brother’s wedding day would be the day she left her family and her four children.

In the details obtained by “Shreka” website, however, the murder of Dareen goes back to a ten-year-old “vendetta”, at which time the father of the perpetrator was harassing Darren’s married sister in Qatar, and calling her repeatedly, prompting her to seek assistance from her family to make him stop harassing her. And this is what Zainab, Darin’s sister, did, who tried to talk to him to discourage him from contacting her sister, but he refused the order, which led to their quarrel, as Zainab brought a pistol and in an attempt to frighten him, she fired towards the ground, but the bullet bounced back towards him and killed him.

At that time, Zainab surrendered to the police, where she was imprisoned for 5 years, and her family paid a ransom of $ 100,000, and she left after the family of the dead man dropped her right, and more than that, Darren’s brother married the family of the dead man, on the day his sister was killed.

Sources tell the “Shuraka But” website that the dead man’s son carried out his crime and killed Dareen at her brother’s wedding, with bullets targeting her body, when she was carrying her 6-month-old daughter on her hands, so she died instantly.

As for the tribes of the region, for their part, they squandered the blood of the murderer of Dareen, who violated their laws, and are searching for him and the security forces.

He had published a video documenting the moment when Dareen was murdered while she was out during her brother’s wedding.

Source: partner but

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