“She spoke to me hours before her, as if she was saying goodbye to me,” – Newspaper Norte


The artist revealed. Inaam Al-Greetly “In press statements about the details of the last call that she collected with her late artist sister.” Greetley Dreams “Which came a few hours before her death.

و .كدت Inaam Al-Greetly However, the death of her sister was natural, but surprisingly, as she was in good health and died after returning home from filming after suffering a heart attack.

Regarding the details of the call, she said: “I have not seen it for a while because I am tired and not very excited, but she passed a natural death .. We were surprised because she was still talking to us a few hours before her and there is no need to say goodbye to us.”

It is mentioned that the late artist Greetley Dreams She left our world last Sunday evening, at the age of 70, and the funeral took place on Monday noon from the Abbasid Fidawiya Dome Mosque.


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