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The Department of Culture in Sharjah, through visual communication media, celebrated the winners of the twenty-fourth session of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity (first edition), in the conference hall at its headquarters, in the presence of Abdullah Al-Owais, Head of the Department of Culture, and Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Qusayr, Director of the Cultural Affairs Department at The Department, the Secretary-General of the Award, in addition to those in charge of the award and the Department’s employees.

The ceremony included the speech of the Department of Culture and delivered by the Secretary-General of the Award Muhammad Al-Qusayr, in addition to the screening of a film about the winners that dealt with their names and positions in the six literary fields, the winners ’speech and a recorded poetry reading with sound and image.

The Secretary-General of the award congratulated the winners of the twenty-fourth session, and said: “We extend our congratulations to the 18 winners from the Arab youths and winners, and they came as follows: Seven winners from the Arab Republic of Egypt, four from Syria, and three from Iraq, as follows: Four other winners from Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Algeria.

He continued, “In recent years, we used to celebrate with the winners of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity side by side, but the emergency epidemiological circumstance prevented this in this session, hoping that the meeting with you will be renewed at a later time.”

Concerning the history of the award, Al-Qusayr said: “Since its founding session in 1997, the Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity (First Edition) has been a major platform for launching generations of Arab writers, and has been able to reveal creative names in poetry, novels, short stories, and theater. Criticism, child literature, and in its current session, which is the twenty-fourth session, the award continues what it started more than two decades ago, and during those years it presented more than 400 winners and winners, and provided the Arab Library with more than 400 titles in these creative aesthetic fields, which doubled the act. Cultural in the Arab world ».

Al-Qusayr indicated that the total of the twenty-fourth session’s participation in the award’s axes reached 506 from various Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, and other countries, and some foreign countries (Arabic speakers. And residents of these countries) such as Senegal, Somalia, and Nigeria.

For his part, the Palestinian poet Ali Hassan Al-Nurani, the second winner in the field of poetry, for his group “Nahar al-Ghazaleh”, delivered the winners’ speech through a video and audio recording.

Through a video and audio recording, the audience listened to a poem from the first place winner in the field of poetry, Muhammad Hassan Saleh al-Samarrai, from the Republic of Iraq, about his group “Three Sides of the Sahara”.



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