Shaaban Abdel Rahim sang against Israel and “ISIS” threatened him with death … and a Lebanese artist who demanded her share of his inheritance


Shaaban Abdel RahimOne of the stars of popular singing, who was associated with his love of exotic clothes and bright costumes, of many colors and his love for chains and rings as well, won great fame for the resemblance to the melody he provides in his songs always and his famous word “wii.”

Birth and the beginning of the singing at the wedding
On 15 March 1957 he was bornShaaban Abdel Rahim, In the Sharabia neighborhood in the city of Cairo, and his real name is Qasim, and he was called Shaaban because he was born in the Hijri month of Shaaban, so his friends and those around him nicknamed him Shaaban, which is the name he chose for fame before he turned to Shaabula afterwards.
He did not receiveShaaban Abdel RahimAny education, but he worked in a clothes-ironing shop with his father for a long time, and at the same time he used to sing at night at weddings and events, and he was led and trained by the folk singer Anwar Al-Askari, who trained him to sing in the manner of Abdo Al-Iskandarani, and after that he got acquainted with the composer Wahba Al-Shazly. He was known by producer Sayed Abdel-Latif, for whom he produced the album “Ahmed Helmy Atjouj Aida”, which was an album that achieved great success, but Shaaban himself at that time did not achieve the expected success in his name.

“Behold the cigarettes champion” and “Hate it.”Israel“Shabula’s date with fame
ShadeShaaban Abdel RahimHe releases the albums that he started in the eighties, until the audience knew him through a song called “Ahmed Helmy, I Marry Aida”. His date with fame was also after his famous song “Ha, The Cigarettes,” as for his stance on Israel when he presented the song “I Hate Israel”, which he reaped Through her wide fame in Egypt and the Arab world as well, no one presented a song that attacked Israel with such boldness and directness.

Acting with Dawood Abdel Sayed, cinema, theater and drama
Although intellectuals and critics considered Shaaban Abdel-Rahim to fall with public taste, director Daoud Abdel-Sayed chose him to embody one of the roles of the film “A Citizen, a Informer and a Thief,” so he achieved greater popularity through his participation in it. He also participated in the film “Falah in Congress” withAbeer SabriوNashwa MustafaAnd Alaa Morsi, and his acting works also include the movie “Goblins of Asphalt” in 1996, the movie “A Bold Sprinkle, Popular Music, Hassan Delphrey, Aman Oh My Friend,” and the play “Sweet and Adab, Do Re Me Foula and Morsi I Want a Chair and My Beloved Battered and a Traveler and I Was Neglected and Siboni Agni”, and the series “Treachery and dreams deferred, and forgive me, I didn’t mean, a cat, a five-star, a cat, a cat, a Toto, a pajama, and those who feared died.”

Presenter of programs and receiving threats from ISIS
Shaaban Abdel Rahim worked as a presenter and presented a comedy program entitled “Hat from the Other” on the Nile Comedy Channel. Because of his songs that have a political orientation, including “Prince of Criminals”, he faced a death threat from ISIS in 2015, after he mocked them. In his song.

He refused to marry after the death of his wife and rumors of his connection with a Lebanese artist and Kuwaiti woman
Got marriedShaaban Abdel RahimOne time he had 5 children, they are Essam, Hanan, Khamis, Abdel Rahim and Adaweya, and after his wife’s death, rumors followed him that he had married a Lebanese artist, and again that he married a Kuwaiti woman, but he denied these rumors and said at the time that he could not marry again, and that his daughter had settled Her mother’s place, whose absence can not be compensated by any woman, said about her in one of the meetings: “She and I used to say to the sidewalk, God Almighty, so that we could sleep beside you.”

The last party before his death and his horse died of grief for him
Shortly before his death, he participatedShaaban Abdel RahimAt a party withinRiyadh SeasonInSaudi, Has appeared in a wheelchair, and its time has expressed its happiness with participating in this season.
And then he breathed his last on December 3, 2019, after he entered Maadi Military Hospital, and went to resuscitation to treat him, but his condition deteriorated as a result of cardiac arrest, and he died instantly.
A few days later, his assistant, Wahid Shabula, revealed the death of his horse, who abstained from food and drink after his death, and no one was able to control it, and the veterinarian did not know the reason behind the horse’s illness and its death.

Manar demands her share of the inheritance
The Lebanese artist, Manar, sparked controversy after she posted a video clip on her account on the social networking site, in which she demanded her share of the inheritance.Shaaban Abdel Rahim.
Manar had revealed that Shaaban left her a villa, but his children refused to hand it over to her, and she continued: “Talking about the issue of the villa and the inheritance is private and personal, but by saying to Issam and his sisters that you are the children of Shaaban Abdel Rahim, the son of a pyramid from the pyramids of Egypt, he was standing beside me at all stages. My life, and remember these days. “
She added: “By saying God bless you, Shaaban, you are my sisters, and let the issue of inheritance and the villa be left by the law and the lawyer. You are my sisters, I will not take anything wrong with you, and Issam, be honest and talk to me.”
Manar had denied her marriage to Shaaban Abd al-Rahim, and she considered that their relationship was strong, and that he stood by her side in her life, and therefore it may have left her part of the inheritance.


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