Security forces publish the facts about the Zalka incident


Issued by the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division

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Further to our report on 03/03/2021 about the circulation of a video as a robbery by force of arms in Zalka that took place on 02/28/2021 and the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces revealed that it was not a robbery, and after yesterday a news site published an article entitled: “ The internal security forces distort the facts … you will be on a homeland, oh homeland.

It is important for the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces to clarify to the public opinion that what was mentioned in the aforementioned article carries many fallacies and false accusations on its work and its role in maintaining security and order and protecting citizens for the following reasons:

First: It was stated in the aforementioned article that the victim went to the Antelias platoon to file a complaint more than 24 hours after the accident occurred, and he was asked to file a complaint directly before the Appeal Public Prosecution in Mount Lebanon, and this procedure took place after reviewing the competent court, where a record of information was organized from Before the Antelias Platoon, No. The flagrante delicto). Despite this and before this date, the Information Division, when information about the incident was received to it, began its procedures to uncover the circumstances of the case (which is the measure followed in all cases and the information received by it) regardless of whether the plaintiff or the victim had submitted a complaint in accordance with legal principles or No. The evidence for this is that the specialized units of the Division arrested on the same date, 1/2/2021, three suspects who were on board the suspected “Hyundai Solaris”, which appeared in the videos circulating through the media about the case.

Second: The Information Division summoned the person concerned with the “Jaguar” driver and listened to his testimony that matched the suspects ’statements regarding the absence of an attempted robbery or theft.

Third: With regard to the plastic rifle, it was previously indicated that it was seized during a search of the home of the fourth suspect (IG), who was later arrested by the Military Intelligence Directorate. The investigation did not initially reach to determine whether it was used during the incident or not. After the fourth suspect was arrested by the Intelligence Directorate and interrogated by the Information Department, he returned and repeated the content of his statement received by the Intelligence Directorate that the weapon of arms was given a traffic preference background, and added that while driving his car, the driver of the other car blocked the road in front of him and prevented him from Overtaking. Upon his arrival at Jal El Dib intersection near the place where he works, he passed the aforementioned car, stopped a distance in front of it, got out of his car and pointed a Kalashnikov rifle (later seized by the intelligence services) in the face of the driver of the other car, and this matter happened as a result of crowding on the road and not motivated by robbery and theft, especially And that the site of the accident near his work center and the gun was located inside the trunk of the car.

Fourth: The misrepresentation of the facts that the news site claims is falsifying facts and transforming them from a problem of preference for passage to a robbery by force of arms so that this scenario corresponds to what is being circulated by the aforementioned site and not in the investigation conducted in the case, knowing that it is carried out under the supervision of the competent judiciary and is based on Irrefutable evidence.

Fifthly: The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces reiterates its emphasis on the media and electronic news sites of the need to be accurate and objective in publishing any news, especially in light of the circumstances the country is going through, and confirms that its role is to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens alike, whether they are pretenders or suspects. Their.

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