Secrets of the local newspapers published on Friday, March 5, 2021 – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon


Secrets of the local newspapers published on Friday, March 5, 2021

The Republic

A Christian figure who met the ambassador of a major country sensed an insistence on following up the file of the displaced Syrians, whatever the obstacles.

Sectors close to an influential Arab country carefully monitor what is said about the role of a regional state in northern Lebanon.

A political current assigned the educational file to one of his deputies, which aroused the ire of the cadres known to his background and the question marks around him.

Major General

The president-designate was quoted as his insistence that the new government be similar in form and content to the French initiative, to gain heed ears from donors.

There are assurances that the dollar exchange rate is confined to the ceiling that reached before Ramadan, and will not go far beyond it!

A prominent party has formed committees parallel to the official institutions to provide the necessary assistance to overcome the life and living crises of citizens in certain regions.

Call home

It is known that a partisan meeting witnessed a discussion about the need to instruct the supporters to participate in some popular demonstrations and to try to mobilize slogans in the face of political opponents.

A financial source pointed out that the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar is now generating additional revenues for the Ministry of Finance after it devoted the “black market” exchange rate to some tax assignments.

The news

My life file is essential from bad to worse, and weeks are crucial to resolving otherwise the result will be catastrophic.


Media sources questioned whether Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s interest in rushing to meet the Saudi Crown Prince after he mentioned his name and the detention he was subjected to, in the reasons for accusing Prince Mohammed bin Salman of responsibility for the killing of Khashoggi and talking about a request to hear his testimony as a witness before Congress.

Sources who followed the meetings of the International Atomic Energy Agency said that the settlement reached regarding cooperation with Iran reflects the balance of power on the one hand, and an American-European awareness of the inevitability of conducting diplomatic methods in dealing with the Iranian nuclear file, both in technical affairs and in political affairs.

Source: National Information Agency


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