Scientists predict the possibility of a catastrophe in the Earth’s atmosphere


Scientists predict the possibility of a catastrophe in the Earth's atmosphere

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Scientists at Japan’s Toho University and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States expect the Earth’s atmosphere to lose all free oxygen in the future.

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An astronomer explains the scorching future of the earth when the sun runs out of fuel!

Nature Geoscience notes that Japanese scientist Kazumi Ozaki and his American colleague Christopher Reinhard designed a model of the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, taking into account geological, biological and climatic factors. And they came to the conclusion that the Earth’s atmosphere would remain stable for about another billion years, but that in a few thousand years it would lose all free oxygen.

According to the researchers, the cause of this catastrophe is due to the increase in solar activity, which will lead to a decrease in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and when it reaches the critical level, it will disturb the photosynthesis process, thus stopping the production of oxygen.

“The biosphere will not be able to quickly adapt to these important changes in the environment, and the primitive microbes that are currently hiding in the shade will return to their role again,” the researchers say.

Source: Novosti


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