Saudi Trade detects 800 violations of the precautionary measures in commercial establishments


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Saudi Ministry of Trade carried out 17,404 inspection visits during the past week to monitor the commitment of commercial establishments and outlets in all regions of the Kingdom to apply precautionary measures and preventive measures to confront the “Corona” virus.

The ministry stated, in a statement, that the results of visits to markets, centers, shops and outlets led to the issuance of 803 immediate violations, in implementation of the penalties stipulated for violating the precautionary measures and preventive measures to confront “Corona”.

The monitoring teams of the Ministry, during their inspection tours, monitor the violation of non-compliance with the specified capacity, the failure to oblige shoppers to wear masks and spacing, and the non-compliance of workers with preventive precautionary measures.

The Ministry of “Trade” confirms that its inspection rounds will continue. To follow up on the stores’ application of health requirements that stipulate preventing the entry of non-compliant medical or cloth muzzle and adhering to social distancing distances, securing disinfectants and sterilizers in the places designated for them, measuring temperature for employees and customers at the entrances to malls and commercial centers, disinfecting carts and shopping baskets after each use, and disinfecting facilities And surfaces.

It is noteworthy that the failure of commercial establishments to apply precautionary measures and preventive measures to confront the “Corona” virus is a violation that requires imposing a fine of 10 thousand riyals. The penalty will be doubled in the event of repetition with the closure of the violating facility.

In addition, a fine of 5,000 riyals is imposed on each person when there is a gathering of shoppers or workers inside or outside the commercial store, exceeding the numbers stipulated in the precautionary measures and preventive measures in excess of the numbers stipulated by law.



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