Saudi Soft Power | Middle east


It was not strange to see Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attending the Formula E race in Ad Diriyah, who put his country on the global sports map through Vision 2030 and who insisted on the rapid and thoughtful implementation of its provisions, and for this in less than two years we saw the Kingdom hosting tournaments, competitions and events from It is very difficult just to imagine that it could take place during one period and in one country …
For Formula E to host in the midst of the Corona pandemic and before it the Saudi Equestrian Cup and bring horses from the far corners of the earth, then expensive and expensive cars, technicians and drivers during a difficult period in the history of the world and the globe, this is a great recognition of the Kingdom’s stature and leadership, and it is the leadership that paid the debts of all Saudi clubs and then set them up The Financial Efficiency Law, which made the Saudi League the strongest in the continent due to the presence of professional names that can be described as soft football power that is added to a large series of soft powers of the Kingdom in the media, culture, sports and the masses and through the means of communication and through those who visited the Kingdom during the past two years and have automatically turned into ambassadors Itinerants carry to their countries what they have touched and witnessed in terms of planning, organizing, implementing, tourism, antiquities, facilities and installations, and most importantly what they have touched of security, safety and development befitting the name of Saudi Arabia and its position in the world.
I firmly believe that the establishment of the Formula One race in the Kingdom will be a milestone because its viewers are in the hundreds of millions and it will be a great and invaluable propaganda for the amazing and rapid development that has occurred in all aspects of political, economic, developmental, social, construction, sports and tourism aspects, and thus sport is a soft (very strong) force serving the Kingdom. … and this talk is an answer to everyone who asked: Why do we host international events that may not have great fans in our region and in which we may not have victories and achievements such as golf, cars, rallies, boxing, chess, and Formula. The flag of their country, and they are the ones who raise it every day with their deeds, ambition and striving to elevate the status of their country.


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