Saudi Arabia’s initiative in the eyes of the Yemeni street: a “lifeboat”


The Yemeni public’s views on the Saudi initiative reflected widespread optimism and hopes that peace would prevail in the country mired in war since late 2014.

Despite the Yemeni people’s belief and confidence in the role of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in their relentless pursuit of peace, they doubt the intentions of the Houthi militia to support these efforts. Due to their long record of exploiting peace opportunities 17 years ago, in addition to their approach to perpetuating the culture of death, killing and destruction and reverence for war.

In separate meetings with Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, Yemeni citizens considered the Saudi initiative that it “came at a critical stage in the life of the war,” to overcome the humanitarian conditions caused by the Houthi coup 6 years ago.

Citizen Ahmed Borji, from Hodeidah Governorate, believes that the timing of the Saudi initiative came as a long-awaited breakthrough in the Yemeni crisis, especially after the militias escalated their violations and practices against innocent civilians.

The Yemeni citizen told Al-Ain News that this initiative followed many initiatives launched and announced by international and international bodies, in addition to political figures and stakeholders, but it did not find acceptance with the Houthi militia.

He said that the Saudi initiative comes at a critical stage in the years of the war to stop the humanitarian deterioration that the coup militias have led us to, so we can call it the “humanitarian initiative.”

He added that: The initiative serves the Yemeni community, and contributes to the opening of Sanaa International Airport and the port of Hodeidah. To achieve purely humanitarian goals; For the sake of stability in Yemen and an end to the crisis.

Borji expressed his hope that the Saudi brothers’ initiative would be accepted by the Houthis, after it was welcomed by the Yemeni government and all political parties, so that the disastrous situation in the country would be overcome.


For his part, Yemeni citizen Ali Al-Masawi said that the Saudi initiative is a “lifeline” and represents a last chance for the Houthis, who have been rejecting one initiative after another.

And he considered to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya” that the collective agreement by all parties on this initiative would represent a “major breakthrough” for the Yemeni crisis and war. Because state revenues from Hodeidah port will flow in the interest of the Yemenis to pay the salaries of state employees.

Al-Masawi believes that this initiative is a “pivotal initiative” for Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government. As for the Houthi militia, if the opportunity is missed, it will face a fate that is not in its favor and has no consequences.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni citizen Mahmoud Saeed, a resident of the city of Al-Khokha, south of Hodeidah, affirmed that the Yemenis welcomed the Saudi initiative, which paves the way for stopping the conflict, thus stopping the suffering of the Yemeni man whose pain and suffering intensified due to the continuation of this war, which has prolonged a lot.

Saeed indicated to Al-Ain News that the Yemenis are optimistic about the opening of Sanaa International Airport and the resumption of its flights, if the initiative is implemented, in addition to the re-reception of the port of Hodeidah for relief, oil and commercial ships To overcome the humanitarian ordeal, and to use its revenues to face the repercussions of the war.

The Yemeni citizen called on the Houthi militia to adhere to the Saudi initiative and to deal with it seriously. Until the suffering of the people in Yemen ends, due to the war imposed by its brutal coup.


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