Saudi Arabia introduces the “Guinness Book” to desalination


What distinguished the new desalination plant?

The world’s lowest energy-consuming desalination plant.

How much electricity does the new desalination plant consume?

2.27 kilowatt hours per cubic meter of desalinated water.

Saudi Arabia set a world record in the Guinness Book of Records for the lowest energy-consuming desalination plant in the world.

According to the local newspaper Okaz, on Friday, the new desalination plant consumed 2.27 kilowatt hours per cubic meter of desalinated water. To strengthen its global leadership in the desalination industry.

“Tahlia” has invested its engineering and research expertise to expand the design innovation, implementation and supply of the new high-efficiency desalination plant that consumes less energy and is more flexible in operation and mobility.

According to the source, all this was done by the efforts of the national “desalination” cadres that contributed to reaching this new world record, which enhances operational efficiency, and contributes to reducing energy consumption to unprecedented levels through a painstaking effort with its research institute over a period of 7 months.

The new desalination plant works with environmentally friendly reverse osmosis technology, which has been implemented with the latest international specifications and standards to develop supply chains, reduce operational costs, and achieve profitable financial returns, with ease and smooth disassembly and transfer of all parts of the plant, as it is fully operated with an integrated control system with the latest technologies.

This plant applies pioneering advanced technologies and an innovative design philosophy. Contributed to reducing the total power to these record levels.

The plant is a mobile seawater intake system that operates with the latest ERD energy recovery technology and is equipped with highly efficient pumps.


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