Saudi Arabia competes for the Mathematics Olympiad prizes with 11 students – Saudi News


Mawhiba Foundation and the Ministry of Education participated in the Asian-Pacific Olympiad for Mathematics APMO2021, which was held yesterday (Tuesday) virtually, and the Kingdom was represented in the competition by a team that included Mahdi Saleh Mahdi Al-Baik, Muhammad Hussein Jassim Al-Dibaisi, Ahmed Fadel Ahmed Al-Bahrani, and Ali Abdullah Radi Ramadan from Eastern Education. And Rafa Majed Ali Qanash from the education of Jeddah, Hamza Ibrahim Aqili Al-Sheikhi, Moaz Ahmed Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, Marwan Muhammad Marwan Al-Khayyat, Khaled Walid Al-Jabri from the education of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Abdul Rahman Thamer Abdul Rahman Nassif from the education of Medina, and Hadi Alaa Hassan Al-Ethan from the Department of Education Al-Ahsa. This is the eleventh participation of the Kingdom, and the participants were selected from among the members of the Saudi team, whose training began about 3 years ago by a group of distinguished national and international coaches. The Kingdom had achieved the fifteenth place in the (APMO) competition in its previous session 2020 out of 38 participating countries, and it is the best place in the ranking of the participating countries in the series of the Kingdom’s students ’participation annually in this competition, which it joined its competitions in 2011.


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