Saudi Arabia calls on the Security Council to continue bearing its responsibility towards the Houthi militia


Saudi Arabia called on the UN Security Council to continue to shoulder its responsibility towards the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to stop their threats to international peace and security and hold them accountable, while acts of terrorism continue to undermine the United Nations’ efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen, and undermine the credibility of the Council’s decisions.

In a letter sent by the Kingdom’s representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Muallami, to the UN Security Council regarding the continuation of military hostilities by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia, Al-Mouallimi said: “Based on instructions from my government, I am writing to you regarding the continuation of the military hostilities. The Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia is launched against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and among these hostilities towards civilians and civilian objects, some scattered debris of a ballistic missile that was launched, and these militias caused material damage to one house in Riyadh on February 27, after being intercepted And its destruction, and the fall of a military shell launched by these militias yesterday on a border village in the Jizan region, wounding five civilians with flying shrapnel, as well as damaging two homes, a grocery store, and three civilian cars.

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi explained that despite the Security Council strongly condemning the continuation of the Houthi attacks on the Kingdom, and its call for an immediate end to the attacks without preconditions in its Resolution 2564 (2021) issued on February 25, the Houthi militia continues its behavior in ignoring and violating the Council’s decision and international humanitarian law. Stressing that this is a clear response from the Houthi militia to the calls and appeals of the Security Council and the international community to find a political solution to the crisis in Yemen, and it proves once again that these militias only believe in terrorist behavior to reach their narrow political goals.

Al-Muallami reiterated that the Kingdom reserves all its rights to protect its citizens, residents and lands in accordance with its obligations under international law, calling for this letter to be circulated as an official document of the Security Council.


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