Salameh is “on vacation” in Paris … and the dollar is 14 thousand liras!


News: The dollar is 14 thousand pounds and continues its course upwards, while Riad Salameh, the protector of the pound and the only person responsible for preserving the integrity of the currency, is wandering around Paris to pursue personal affairs. Likewise, the Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, is sitting and watching as the country plunges into an unprecedented economic and social collapse. Rather, it contributes to strengthening the crisis to score points on his opponents and push them to surrender to him, thinking that his staying in the position of the “designated” exempts him from accountability for A crisis sparked by his previous government.

The dollar continued its rise, touching 14 thousand Lebanese pounds yesterday evening, that is, an increase of one thousand Lebanese pounds from the day before, amid expectations that it will continue its upward path in the coming days at the same rate.

A mad party that was not lacking except for the closing of some supermarkets and shops, waiting for the dollar to anchor at a certain level, until these institutions issue new price regulations.

Yesterday, suppliers deliberately refrained from delivering fuel, as well as various materials in the same frame, which doubled the “onslaught” of people to fill their cars with gasoline for fear of being cut off, and to store foodstuffs before their price rises.

This scene is due to the collapse of the lira, and it required quick measures to try to limit or slow this collapse.

However, what happened is the following: The first person legally responsible for the safety of cash, the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, is in Paris to deal with personal situations related to the lawsuit filed against him in Switzerland. It is what feels like a vacation. In any other country, similar performance leads to dismissal of its owner. However, because the political authority is Salama’s partner in politics, profits and engineering, his protection, defense, and the creation of arguments influence, leading to its codification to ensure that he is not held accountable by burying any hope of any criminal investigation.

It is the security, economic, financial and political chaos that messes the country and pushes it to complete collapse at an insane speed. There are those who benefit from this collapse and deliberately create the conditions and conditions conducive to feeding it in order to attack its political opponents.

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