Salah and Ramos: How does the Egyptian pharaoh avoid the “butcher’s” interference?


The Champions League quarter-final draw resulted in a major upcoming confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool, in a repeat of the 2018 edition final, which was decided by the royal and witnessed an exciting event for the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah.

The first leg will be held on the 6th or 7th of next April, while the return match will be held on the 13th or 14th of the same month.

Liverpool winger Salah has bad memories before confronting Real Madrid, with Spanish international defender Sergio Ramos in the 2018 final, which saw Salah exit injured in the 30th minute, after a violent intervention from the Real Madrid leader, where he grabbed the arm of the “Egyptian Pharaoh” and fell to the ground.

At that time, Salah came out in tears after suffering a dislocated shoulder, to be replaced by Adam Lallana, in a substitution that marked a turning point in the match that Real Madrid won 3-1.After the match, Ramos wrote on his Twitter page: “Sometimes football shows us the good part and sometimes the bad part. Most importantly, we are partners. Come back quickly, Salah.”

Salah remembers well the details of his injury that not only eliminated Liverpool dreams of winning the European Champions League title, but threatened his dream to participate with the Egyptian national team in the World Cup in Russia 2018, where he missed the first match against Uruguay, which the “Pharaohs” lost with a clean goal, and he played Russia and Saudi Arabia after intensive care.

How can Salah avoid the violent interference of Ramos during the upcoming two meetings?

Egyptian sports critic Bilal El-Sisi talks about the story of “revenge” between Salah and Ramos, explaining: “I see that Ramos did not intentionally hit Salah. This is the nature of playing in Europe in general. Ramos plays with a high spirit to help his team and did not intend to hit Salah, otherwise he would have hit Messi.” Which is more dangerous than Salah. ”

Al-Sisi continues: “Salah’s injury in the European Champions League final is a fate. He plays in very strong tournaments, especially the English Premier League, which is more violent than the Spanish, and therefore I am against the idea of ​​talking about Ramos’ deliberate intention to injure Salah at the time. Mohamed has become accustomed to violent ways of playing and interference.” “I do not think that Ramos will focus on Salah only. There is Roberto Firmino as well as Sadio Mane.”

Regarding his advice to Salah, Al-Sisi said: “I advise him to be clear-headed and focus heavily on facing Real Madrid, and to leave a clear imprint with the Liverpool fans in that tournament if he is thinking of leaving and embarking on a new experience.”

He also talks about the opportunities of the two teams, saying: “The opportunities are largely equal between the two teams, especially since the technical level of both teams has been unbalanced in the recent period. Liverpool have only the Champions League, so the team has great incentives to restore consideration to Real Madrid.”

And he continues: “The coach of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp, has a great opportunity to correct the course and impose control of the dressing room by facing Real Madrid, especially after losing the English Premier League title for sure, and he must qualify the players psychologically.”

Sisi continues: “Real Madrid remains Real Madrid. Some names may be absent, but the team includes a distinguished group of players capable of overcoming the Liverpool hurdle, and Karim Benzema’s strength point, and I generally see that the conditions of the two teams in the current period are very similar.”

He also believes that “Liverpool’s list is stronger than Real Madrid from my point of view. The English team has the best attacking trio in the world, Salah, Firmino and Mani. If they are employed well, of course they will create a great danger to Real Madrid’s defense, which is suffering in the recent period.”

Source: “Sky News.”


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